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Kizuna Across Cultures

Logo and Branding Design
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Kizuna Across Culture’s mission is to inspire youth in Japan and the United States to look beyond their communities, embrace diversity and become active global citizens by fostering international friendship through exchange of culture and language via social media. The goal was to create a logo that evoked the energetic, friendly and culturally aware ideas of KAC to give a positive first impression to educators, students, supporters and potential sponsors.


An electric blue, a soft, inviting green, and a warm, playful orange come together to represent Kizuna Across Cultures’ core values: friendliness, fun, intelligence, and welcoming. The secondary colors can be used to represent different aspects of the brand.


The speech bubble is the central component of the KAC brand. The bubble can be used in a defined variety of colors to represent different aspects of the brand and is easily adaptable to different platforms.